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About DDKBooks

DDKBooks is an independent adult publisher specializing in esoteric poetry; fiction, including gay romance and erotica; and nonfiction; with forthcoming titles to include use of Wicca, the Tarot, Astrology, and Necronomiconic influences, which may incorporate the use of rituals and spells as well as divinations of the macrocosmos.

Disclaimer – No parts of any works produced by DDKBooks are intended as manuals of sorcery or sexual practice. DDKBooks is not responsible for any loss, harm, injury or death resulting from the information contained within any of its productions.

Submissions – We prefer hard-copy submissions, and manuscripts to adhere to the genres in which we specialize (see above). Each submission must include a cover letter, short synopsis, and full contact information. Manuscripts must be double-spaced with one-inch margins, have a header on every page showing the title, author and page number, and use a standard industry font such as Times, Times New Roman or Courier.

At this time DDKBooks is not accepting unsolicited manuscripts, but check back as we do run periodic events wherein unsolicited manuscripts are accepted.

Disclosure – DDKBooks primarily produces works with adult content. If you are UNDER 18 years of age, PLEASE LEAVE this site.

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