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Angel Claire: An autobiographical work of poetry, commentary and pen & ink – by Daniel’s daughter

An extraordinary ninety-two-page collection of poems, pen & ink drawings, and selected commentary from Claire, one of the prominent characters in Shadow of Light, explaining her perpetuitous self as far as she dares in verse and annotations, with sixteen beautifully-executed drawings. The poem Long Path is a past nominee for the Rhysling Award for Science Fiction Poem Long Form.

From the back cover: Angel Claire – more than a work of poetry, an insightful journey through the evolved psyche of an unceasing woman who, as Nature herself, does not apologize.

Forward by D. D. Kernan: Forget sociopolitical mores, Claire abides by them only so far as her needs require. She answers to no one. Yet, hers is an existence possessed of balance, an existence therefore, that does not apologize or show remorse, an existence that takes only what is necessary and in turn pays only what is due.

Claire loves exclusively, wholeheartedly, and hates with a vengeance, but justly so. Her instinctual stability is consistent.

Her perpetuity is evidence of her perfect, intrinsic tie to Nature.

I respect her. I bepraise her. And I love her. Claire is the reason I still live and breathe.

92 Pages

ISBN 978-0-9672606-0-0

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Shadow of Light – by David David Kernan

This passionate and controversial debut novel by David David Kernan, dispels the dogma of organized religion and unveils the truth about mankind’s innate link to the divine.

Set in Los Angeles in 1993, Shadow of Light opens with David, a newly divorced makeup artist, in the middle of a vivid dream. He wakes up feeling disturbed by this recurring dream but shakes it off and heads to the set of a commercial in Reseda. He is completely unaware his world is about to be turned upside down.

Disconnected and strangely without remorse about the divorce, David finds himself at a coffee house in Long Beach contemplating an espresso and a flirtatious waitress when a beautiful man, Daniel, asks to join him. But Daniel is not what he seems. Despite self-doubt and confounding emotions, David allows Daniel to not only share his body and heart, but also the stunning truth about man’s connection to the divine, a truth so powerful that generations of clergymen have gone to great and tyrannical lengths to keep its existence hidden while secretly practicing these forbidden truths themselves.

Beyond David’s insecurities, his ongoing conflicts with his family over religion, and his surprisingly fulfilling relationship with another man, he cannot dismiss the many truths that Daniel shares with him or his own subsequent need to share these truths with the rest of the world.

With Shadow of Light, author David David Kernan courageously divulges what poets and philosophers, seers and prophets, have only hinted at throughout the ages. His unrepentant and often lyric memoir defeats dogma and reduces every religion on the planet to myth.

Shadow of light is an assault against orthodoxy and reveals the reason why certain worldwide dogmas exist at all.

“In the beginning,” Kernan says, “knowledge of man’s divinity was just a part of his existence. But over time, that knowledge was secreted away and became a mystery. I wrote Shadow of Light to reveal the truth once more, to bring humankind full-circle so we can know ourselves again and realize that we are greater than religion has ever allowed us to believe.”

720 Pages

ISBN 978-0-9672606-1-7

Library of Congress Catalog Number (LCCN) 2012916015

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Shadow of Light – Transcends binary human sexuality, exploring the male and female aspects within each of us even as it reaches out in search of a path free from violence and suffering, “Shadow of Light” is a choice pick for those seeking their own thoughts and ideas about spiritual enlightenment.

– Carl Logan, Midwest Book Review

In this day and age, when rising support for gay marriage demonstrates a sea change in how we view gay relationships, along comes a book like Shadow of Light, which transports the reader into the emotions of a man falling in love. What's fantastic about this novel is how universal it feels - it humanizes its main character, and uses poetic language and the adroitly observed details of everyday to create an experience we can all share - what it is like to be utterly consumed with passion for another person. The fact that, in the novel, that other person is another man, feels almost secondary in many ways, which is a testament to the truthfulness and power of David David Kernan's fantastic writing.

– Christopher Angel (The Mona Lisa Speaks)

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